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The meetings are where we find the safety to share our fears, experience, strength and hope.

The WSO expects all ACA meetings to follow the ACA Twelve Steps and/or Traditions to the best of their ability. We reserve the right to not list and/or remove (delist) meetings that do not follow these Steps or Traditions.

Recent Actions:

The ACA WSO Trustees have heard from several members that they have been "banned" from a specific Telephone meeting line that hosts a large number of meetings. After verification of this information, the difficult decision was made to delist this line and its related meetings from the WSO website. The reason for this action is that the process being used to "ban" individuals violates the First Tradition of unity, the Second Tradition of seeking a group conscience in making group decisions, the Third Tradition of requiring only a desire to recover for membership, the Fourth Tradition of group autonomy and the Fifth Tradition of each group having but one primary purpose.

We sincerely hope this situation is temporary, as we realize this will cause there to be a greatly limited number of phone meetings to be available. We, therefore, have encouraged the owners of this line to change their processes to conform to ACA's 12 Traditions and ask for reinstatement in the interest of ACA unity. Please note that the line's owners have been given more specific information about why this action has been taken. In the meantime, we encourage members to reconvene on other Phonebridge lines and continue to provide a space for adult children to recover while following our Traditions.