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The meetings are where we find the safety to share our fears, experience, strength and hope.
We share the similarities between our own characteristics and those expressed in The Problem and learn we are not alone.

Through ACA, we learn that there are others like us, and there is hope. There is recovery. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; our fears can be overcome.

In accordance with our Fourth Tradition, ACA groups are autonomous except in matters that affect other ACA groups or ACA as a whole.

ACA is a spiritual program. The individuals' right to choose a Higher Power of their own understanding is without limitation.

The WSO expects all ACA meetings to follow the ACA Twelve Steps and/or Traditions to the best of their ability. We reserve the right to not list and/or remove (delist) meetings that do not follow these Steps or Traditions. See Meeting Compliance Policy for further information.

ACA World Services does not list meetings that profess any specific political, religious, or controversial affiliation.

Meetings List

If you wish to find a meeting in your area, please click here.

Note: To find a meeting in your area, begin by selecting your country from the Country scroll down list.
  • If your country is not in the drop down list, we regret that we currently have no registered ACA meetings in your country.
  • Telephone/Phone Bridge meetings are listed under the country "Telephone".
  • Internet On-line, E-Mail and Chat meetings are listed under the country "Internet".
  • For Telephone and Internet meetings, the times shown reflect Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless stated otherwise.
  • For those in the USA or Canada, you may optionally go to the "Select Country" page and enter your ZIP/Postal Code to find the meetings near you.

Special Notice regarding Telephone Meetings:

Telephone meetings listed on this website are the only registered ACA telephone meetings. When you call the number you are on a conference line where many people can speak and listen. There is no cost for the conference line, but there will be regular costs through your phone carrier. WSO is not affiliated with outside enterprises such as the conference lines, Skype or phone applications. Your caller ID might appear on a dashboard that the owner of that phone conference line can see. You are free to dial in using a blocked caller ID. You can also call in using VoIP, Skype or other phone applications. Anyone in the world can call into a telephone meeting. Each meeting has a number and a pin number (conference code). Since there is no basket to pass, you can donate directly to the WSO by going here.


To register a new meeting or to change information or re-register an existing meeting, please click here.

To Start a New Meeting

  • Information and guildelines to start a new meeting are available on the ACA Literature page.
  • ACA WSO also has a New Meeting Packet in a convenient binder containing literature/materials useful in starting a new meeting. You can order the New Meeting Packet in the Shopping Cart.

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