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Addictions and Alcoholism

  • “Our fellowship includes members who have been diagnosed with addictions, depression, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various dissociative states.”
  • “We also address our “addictiveness.” With addictiveness, we tend to use almost everything in our path to cauterize our continual bleeding of the soul. Food, sex, drugs, work, spending, religion, and people are fair game for a codependent ACA trying to feel safe or loved.”
  • “This type of parenting creates observable behavior that is self-harming and neglectful when the child grows into an adult. These behaviors are co-dependence, emotional eating, drug abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction, workaholism, debtor’s addiction, and gambling addiction.”
  • “Many adult children use a combination of drugs, food, sex, and relationships to harm themselves emotionally and physically. We have seen adult children addicted to drugs while gambling or eating food out of control. The drugs and emotional eating are coupled with multiple relationships. This can lead to a maddening pace of chasing drugs and sex or romance.”
  • “With an amazing predictability, the children grow up to be addicted or marry an addicted or compulsive person. Many adult children become addicted to alcohol or other drugs, thinking their lives will be different than their parents. However, an addicted adult child often surpasses the parents’ dysfunctional behavior in drug use and actions. ACA works best for those abstaining from alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication. We cannot work an effective program if we are dosing ourselves with alcohol or drugs.”
  • “… fear and distorted thinking seems to drive our switching from one addictive behavior to another as we try to make changes in our lives.”
  • “There is a hole inside of us that can never be filled with enough food, drugs, sex, work, spending, or gambling.”
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  • If you are a professional working with clients with addictions and alcoholism please read this for getting more information about ACA for your clients.
  • If you are in a facility getting help for addiction or alcoholism, please read this for more information on how to help yourself and/or the facility with ACA information.
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