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Boundaries and Boxes

by | Nov 30, 2021 | ACA Boundaries, ComLine

On my first day volunteering at a non-profit food organization, I was given the task of moving heavy food boxes from the main floor to the basement. 


Ms. T, the volunteer manager of the store, had dropped the boxes loudly at the entrance of the basement as I was coming up to get them. 


My heart pounded. I started to wonder whether Ms. T was angry at me, didn’t like me, had an attitude problem, or was just being passive-aggressive. 


More and more boxes hit the floor. 

I  wanted to tell Ms. T there’s a “proper” and “right” way to handle food boxes.  Before I spoke, I remembered the “pause” in my weekly Boundaries meeting. I put my hand to my heart and asked my Inner Child what was going on for her. She said she remembered loud noises when her father raged, yelled, banged on the table or slammed the door. I prayed to my Higher Power and told my Inner Child she did nothing wrong. With calmness, I said to Ms. T that I will handle all these boxes myself.

Then, I held my Inner Child’s hand and told her that we are not coming back to this place…ever! She lit up and grinned.

Jean N

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