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Traditional ACA Registered, Closed, Meetings.

by | Feb 15, 2022 | ACA Toolbox, ComLine

This is my opinion and I base my attendance to ACA registered, closed meetings/workshops, acknowledging these guidelines. These would apply to closed face-to-face, online, and phone meetings. This is especially written for newcomers who may be looking for structured and safe ACA closed meetings.

ACA meetings are a tool for ACA recovery, as noted in our Solution. Members use a format for closed (for ACAs only) or open (anyone may attend) ACA weekly meetings. Meetings are for 1 to 2 hours, joining as many meetings as desired by each member. Some meetings may be only 6 weeks in duration and may be labeled as a meeting/workshop. Safety is a priority and the format needs to state the meeting guidelines weekly or monthly as the group conscience decides.

Weekly meetings have ACA readings such as the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, the Laundry List Traits, the Promises, and other ACA topics. Closed meetings focus on ACA recovery and use ACA literature as noted in a format in the BRB, p. 568. (More information in the BRB, pp. 557-620). This may be modified to meet group needs.

An ACA group may have service positions that rotate. Members may take turns to be the chairperson each week or monthly. A group conscience or business meeting is decided by the group as to how often to hold their group conscience or business meetings and rotate positions.

Outside readings, books, authors, or therapeutic techniques during a closed meeting are discouraged which may dilute the ACA message we are wanting to hear at our ACA meetings. Of course, members do talk about self-help books, authors, etc., outside of the ACA meetings.

ACA is Not Therapy (BRB, p. 564). “While many ACA members make fine use of therapists and counselors, our meetings are not therapy sessions. We don’t discuss therapeutic techniques. While we might share about our counseling work, the focus of an ACA meeting is the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Therapy is not a replacement for ACA meetings or working a program.”

ACA workshops and conferences, which may be called an ACA event, especially honor our Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by carrying the ACA message of recovery. These may be 1-day workshops or 2-day workshops. The ACA logo is appropriate on flyers that have an ACA Intergroup or ACA Group sponsoring the workshop, conference, or event. Conferences may deal with the business of ACA but still regard our ACA Steps, Traditions, and Concepts as guidelines. 

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