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Is Self- Responsibility Safe?

by | Jan 15, 2023 | ComLine, Voices of Recovery

If I have been conditioned to believe that, in practice, being responsible means being blamed, or, on the other hand, being burdened, I may have not realized I have had this trait, this triggered reaction embedded in my attitude until I run right into it in considering the Steps.  For me, all twelve of the Steps are voluntaryI do not have to do them to be accepted as a member of any 12-Step fellowship or group.  If I felt relief, discovering we get to set our own pace, I also quickly realize that this means I am being asked to be self-responsibleIf I want the benefits of 12-Step recovery, it is up to me to do what it takes to get these perks.  I may immediately feel upwelling fear—fear that I will fail, fear that I am not good enough to be in charge of my reparenting, maybe even fear that if I do this work, I will end up just being sneered at, rejected, or used.

It does not feel safe.  That is why Step One asks me to admit that I am powerless to fix something, whether it is a substance abuse or a patterned behavior I just cannot seem to escape or stop repeating.  I would not do the rest of the 12-Steps if I did not need to break these patterns.  No, it doesn’t feel safe.  It didn’t feel safe when I came into these rooms, and it still presents a challenge.  I need courage to risk trying these ideas that I may not know even apply to me until I open up my heart and mind, and admit the truth, at least, about this one thing that I do that always seems to make things worse.  

If I admit just one behavior, a rusty chain that anchors me to sadness, loneliness, shame, or depression, linking me to adverse experiences, I have disclosed the issue I can identify right now.  That is where I choose to take control.  My recovery gets anchored to a path that leads me into a sunlit meadow where I am safe.  I discover friends.  These Steps are not baited traps.  They are not impossible, endless struggles to reach for goals that keep retreating.  I can and do relax in sharing my experience, just for today.  And it gets easier.  It feels safe to let a Power Accessible to Me, a Power that loves me and isn’t powerless at all, become my source of hope, just for today.

Kathleen S

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