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Literature Is Truly A Worldwide Affair

by | Apr 1, 2022 | ComLine, WSO News

In 2020, WSO established an International Literature Scholarship Fund, which currently has over $8,000 contributed. The purpose of the fund is to help countries around the world obtain literature. One example is South Africa, which was unable to purchase literature without funding. They asked the Publishing Committee for help in the form of a grant to buy an initial order of Big Red Books, Loving Parent Guidebooks, Yellow Step Workbooks, Laundry Lists Workbooks and Strengthening My Recovery. After members pay for these books, South Africa would then be in a position to order and pay for its own literature. The process for asking for help goes through the Publishing Committee. Contact [email protected]

How can you help? When contributing on the website through 7th tradition, you can click the down arrow after the word “General” when designating where your funds will go and choose the International Scholarship Fund for your contribution. At present, contributions to the fund are not identified by donor, but WSO is working on a process to identify donors.

Printing literature has also become a worldwide affair. Due to a loss of the WSO paper supplier in the U.S., 43,000 books are currently being printed in India. Even after shipping and warehousing costs are included, printing in India is more cost effective than the prices now charged by U.S. printers. The India printer recently reported they could not print the current order of 20,000 Big Red Books, there was only enough for 7,000 books because they couldn’t find enough of the red cover paper stock. Our General Manager, Bill D., contacted our U.S. printer, which had a 2,000-meter roll of that card stock– just enough to print the additional 13,000 Big Red Books which were in process!

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