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ACA Conferences

Next Conference: Quarterly Delegate Meeting (QDM) – 3rd Quarter – August 5th

Delegate Floor Motions from the 2023 ABC Day 1

You can find the results in this link.

2023 ABC Day One Voting Materials

Motion documents
Audios from discussions
Notes from discussions

2023 ABC Voting Results

Day one voting results at this link.

Day two voting results at this link.

Post 2023 ABC Motion Status List

2023 ABC Day Two Voting Materials

Motion documents
Audios from discussions
Notes from discussions

The ABC Delegate Binder

The binder consisting of all information about the ABC in one place (Agenda, Committee Reports, Etc.) can be found here.

Delegate Training recording and materials

Access a recording of a 2023 delegate training session as well as the slide show here.

The ABC Agenda

Agenda for the 2023 ABC can be found here.

Voting Training Video

Watch a video from a past ABC that reviews how to use our voting tool Election Buddy here

2023 ABC Ballot Proposal Voting

The results of the 2023 Ballot Proposal Voting can be found here.

Useful Resources

Important Dates

May 23 ABC 2023 Survey Launch Info Coming Soon about 4th Quarter QDM
June 6 Survey Closes
July 4 Survey Results Published
Aug 5 3rd Quarter QDM

Ballot Items

  • What are the 2023 Ballot Items
  • Town Hall Ballot Discussion Audios
  • How does my group vote on them?
  • What are Ballot Items and how do they work?

Related ACA Foundational Documents

Information about Past Conferences

  • Agendas
  • Minutes
  • Voting Results, Etc.


How is the Annual Business Conference (ABC) different than the Quarterly Delegate Meetings (QDM)?

The Annual Business Conference (ABC) has existed for many years and typically occurs over two days in late April or early May. Typically, the annual meeting has included an opportunity to vote on fellowship ballot proposals and delegate floor proposals, hear reports and motions from ACA WSO, and ratify ACA WSO board trustees. In May 2022, delegates voted to approve three additional quarterly meetings, which usually last four hours. These meetings enable delegates to complete any business that could be finished at the annual meeting, and to discuss matters of policy and finance.

How Do I Know If I Am Ready to be a Delegate?

There are no formal rules for when a delegate is “ready,” but one essential is that you must be trusted by a registered group, intergroup, or region to perform this role. If you are unsure, you can ask for guidance from those who select you. Disagreements and strong feelings can be expressed during conference meetings, so it is helpful to have enough emotional sobriety to set healthy boundaries and cope with differing views. You also can prepare for a Conference session by reviewing resources at the ACA Conference page, and by attending training sessions that are held before the Conference meets.

Why is there a conference?

The ACA World Service Organization assists members and groups around the world. It is important that WSO be responsive to fellowship needs and manage resources prudently. At ACA conference sessions, delegates discuss WSO service priorities and set direction on large matters of policy and finance. Delegates are chosen by registered ACA groups, intergroups, and regions, and the conference is commonly understood to serve as the voice of the fellowship

What Is WSO?

The ACA World Service Organization provides services that assist ACA groups and individuals in achieving recovery. ACA WSO publishes literature, maintains an online meeting directory, and assists groups, intergroups, and regions in providing service to ACA members. ACA WSO is a nonprofit organization administered by a board of trustees.

“Our conference is stronger with the growing number of diverse voices.”

-Fellow Traveler

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