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Loving Parent Guidebook Availability Page

Announcement from The Literature and Publishing Committees for The Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG)

The Loving Parent Guidebook is now available.

Fellowship Review

Currently, The Loving Parent Guidebook has been published in Fellowship Review mode. Following a period of up to three years, the Literature Committee will assess fellowship comments and recommend revisions or changes to the literature to the writing team to be resubmitted to the Literature Committee. Following Literature Committee approval, the literature will be submitted to the WSO Board for consideration and approval as WSO-approved literature.

We invite ACA members to leave feedback using this link:

The Loving Parent Guidebook is available for sale at:

Adult Children Website: https://shop.adultchildren.org/   Spiral bound books cost $14 USD plus shipping. The usual 30% Intergroup discount applies for books to be sold to their meeting groups.

Available Now – Click Here

Amazon Kindle costs $9.99 USD/Spiral Bound books cost $18 USD plus shipping.

Available Now – Click Here

Internationally:   Please check with your local Intergroup for printed English Spiral Bound copies or contact [email protected] about getting printed books shipped internationally. English Kindle copies are available on Amazon worldwide. Please search your local Amazon site to find a copy.

Additional resources https://adultchildren.org/literature/loving-parent-guidebook/

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