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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

April 29

Tradition Four

"The groups are given freedom to make mistakes. In other words, every group has the unabashed right to be wrong. And when wrong, their decision then becomes part of the growth process, both for the meeting and, more especially, for the meeting members." BRB p. 511

The intrepid members who start a meeting may wish someone would give them the thumbs-up sign whenever they make a decision. Should we open with the Serenity Prayer? Should we read the Laundry List or does the Problem have more impact? Do we time the shares? Do we pass the basket at the end? The variables are endless. Each group is autonomous so long as their actions do not affect other groups or ACA as a whole. The group is at liberty to establish its own flavor and meeting style. Some will favor a style that is laid back; others may want more structure. The choice is a group's to make.

ACA cooperates with all other 12 Step programs, but we do not dilute our message in the process. Our focus is on recovery from the effects of being raised in an alcoholic or dysfunctional family using the 12 Steps and reparenting. Whatever choices a group makes, above all, we remember who we are. We are our own program, not an extension of other 12 Step programs.

On this day I will respect the group's autonomy in my effort to carry the ACA message to the adult child who still suffers. I will help keep the focus of ACA on recovery from the effects of being raised in an alcoholic or dysfunctional family.

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