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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 01

Gifts and Talents

"Each of us comes to ACA with many talents. As we grow in our recovery, we discover even more talents within us." BRB p. 515

Many of us come to ACA not knowing what our unique gifts are. We may have always measured ourselves against others and decided we came up short.

But then someone we trust in our meeting pays us a compliment that we believe. With the support of such people, we learn to see, develop and express our special talents, large or small. Maybe our gift is the ability to provide encouragement, even a small amount, to another person that helps them stay on their path. It may not take much effort on our part, yet it can be huge to the other person. Sometimes we may never learn the positive impact we may have had.

Or maybe we have other gifts, such as the words to write a book that inspires millions. Whatever the case, we remember that each talent we possess is tremendously valuable, no matter whether it helps only ourselves or others.

Freeing ourselves from our cloudy thinking is what makes room for our ability to see, develop, and express our talents. That's part of the beauty of ACA: as we feel understood and appreciated, it frees us to express our gifts, becoming whole, well-rounded, recovering adult children.

On this day I recognize that I have unique talents. I am now willing to develop and express them as I learn how valuable I am to myself and others.

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