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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 02

Attraction vs. Promotion

"Attraction is different. Attraction is making information available about ACA without strings. There are no pitches and no grand promises." BRB p. 546

Many of us felt the rush of belonging when we started attending ACA meetings. We found so many answers. We wanted to give Big Red Books to everyone because we wanted them to know what we now knew. We may have even been tempted to wear an "ACA Rules!" t-shirt.

But we soon learned to slow down. We found out why this is a program of attraction, not promotion. It's more about actions and not so much about the talking. We allow our Higher Power to work magic in and around us.

We take things as they come. We no longer stay up at night thinking how to put ACA in the local water source. We are sad when newcomers come and then go, but we learn to let them go. We grieve as we watch people die from the disease of family dysfunction all around us while we get healthier.

We trust that there is an abundant source of love for us and for anyone else who is truly willing to walk the walk. We do our part and enjoy the results. As we keep the focus on ourselves, we see better results for us, and that's what positively impacts the world around us.

On this day I will remember that I can't force anyone to get this message. I can make the information available and let others make their own choices. The best message is the personal change I see in myself.

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