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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 12

Responding with Love

"By taking the action of responding to one another with love, we simultaneously allow ourselves to give and be given to in a way that heals the wounds of our childhood and meets our simple human requirements for attention, love, and respect." BRB p. 363

Taking action coming from love challenges the family of origin belief system. As children, our ability to love and trust was forced into hiding due to either abuse, or neglect, or both. Deep in the recesses of our soul, our Inner Child knows the truth and waits for the right opportunity to give and receive love.

Once the space for an inner loving parent opens, our Inner Child emerges and engages us in a loving, caring, discerning manner that often may surprise us.

As we grow, we give service in our meetings and within the fellowship. We come from a place of love and gratitude, which reinforces our commitment to our Inner Child and inner loving parent. We feel the effects of our changed responses; so do other ACAs who witness our growth.

On this day I open a space for my inner loving parent so that my Inner Child can emerge, feel loved and show gratitude, especially to other recovering adult children.

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