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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

May 13

Sense of Purpose

"Our experience shows that the Steps are a proven way of life, yielding new meaning and a sense of purpose in one's life." BRB p. 95

Did we save a life today?

Did we smile or have a kind word for a stranger? We might not know if that stranger was in the midst of despair, wondering if life was even worth living. Could our simple act of kindness have brought even the smallest spark of hope to that person?

We are not responsible for what others do, but we can consider the possibility that our recovery brings us new awareness of what is happening around us and the positive impact we can have in seemingly meaningless everyday contact.

We go through each day deep in our own thoughts. Often, we unwittingly avoid eye contact with others.

Even if we are not having the best day, smiling at a stranger and perhaps seeing a smile returned feels good. Maybe we let the person in line behind us go ahead when we have a basketful and they have one item. Or we take a few extra seconds to make eye contact with the clerk and wish them a good day.

These random acts of kindness can brighten someone's day and help us feel connected. We may never know the impact we make through our actions, even if we only spread a bit of joy in the moment. But it is worth the effort to carry this message of hope.

On this day I will remember that what I learn through ACA and the Steps is not just for me. My progress can affect everyone whose life I touch.

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