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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

June 15

Promise Six

"We will enjoy feeling stable, peaceful, and financially secure." BRB p. 591

Chaotic, unsettled, and on the verge of financial ruin. For many of us these were the undercurrents flowing through our families. The river of alcoholism or dysfunction coursed its way through every aspect of our lives, leaving indelible imprints on our makeup. We came to ACA to learn how we had experienced this as children, and how as adults we unconsciously and regrettably had recreated the same conditions, only to feel helpless and bewildered by our current circumstances.

With our Higher Power's guidance, we have been given a program that helps us first understand, then experience the hidden circumstances that set us up to seek out these alcoholic and dysfunctional conditions. Like a dredge boat, the Steps and reparenting allow us to dig out the river bed, change the river's course, and reduce the rapids to a sleepy river, naturally guiding us to soft sandy shores of stability, peacefulness, and financial security.

Though there may still be occasional choppy waters, we realize that the program is like a huge unbreakable inner tube that allows us to ride out most of the daily challenges, so long as we are willing to trust, hold onto, and apply the spiritual principles we have learned and practiced.

On this day I will allow the full remembrance of my childhood conditions, use the program to reset my course, and enjoy feeling stability, peace, and financial security.

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