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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

June 17

Step One

"Recovery from the effects of an alcoholic and dysfunctional upbringing is a process, not an event." BRB p. 124

"Read my book and you can change your life overnight!" "Come to my seminar and I'll give you everything you need!" We hear things like this all the time. And many of us have bought those books and attended those seminars because we were looking for the quick fix, one that would cause us to suddenly change our dysfunctional lives into what we always thought they should be. Maybe we also heard people say that if we wanted something badly enough, we could make it happen. But we often missed the part about how things worth having take work.

When we came to ACA, maybe we thought it could be our quick fix. We might have seen the 12 Steps as a ‘once and done' program of recovery where we'd suddenly be cured.

But as we open our minds and embrace the Promises, we begin to really examine our lives. We need to understand where our dysfunctional behaviors came from. And knowing how long it took us to develop them helps us realize that it will probably take some time for us to change those behaviors. We begin to really internalize the fact that recovery is a process. And the ACA process of recovery works if we work it!

On this day I will look for ways that help me make even small changes. I am willing to give my recovery the time it deserves because I'm worth it!

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