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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

July 01

Applying the Program

"ACA is a proven program that can help us in every area of our lives if we apply it." BRB p. 415

As we enter theaters and sport stadiums, we are offered a program. If we attend a conference, we will likely check the program they give us to see if there are topics of interest. Programs occupy a prominent place in our lives; we know they can offer us valuable insight into what we might experience at an event, such as who is on the team roster or whether we will see a star or a stand-in.

For ACAs, there is a program available that offers an anchor for our spiritual and emotional lives. It gives us the ‘roadmap' missing from our childhoods that were lost in dysfunction. We've already tried navigating through life on our own. But we've fallen short of our intended destinations and experienced stormy weather with our friends, co-workers and family.

In ACA, we have found the prescription for living the rest of our lives, from the Twelve Steps to the Twelve Traditions, from finding a sponsor to being a sponsor, and from reading the BRB to doing service work. There is no trauma, no misfortune, nor virtually any life problem too great that it cannot be placed in its honest and true perspective by working the ACA program.

On this day I rededicate myself to my program and the pursuit of the priceless gift of serenity.

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