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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

June 18


"There is great joy awaiting you to watch a frightened or foggy newcomer attend his or her first meeting and watch that person open up." BRB p. 293

When we arrived at our first ACA meeting, we weren't sure what to expect. Very nervously, we walked in and found a place to sit anyway. Some of what they read made no sense. Our minds went in and out of focus. The Laundry List got our attention, and people's shares brought up a bundle of feelings. There were rules about sharing, and we were pretty nervous to make a mistake, so some of us didn't share. Silence felt safe and familiar. Some of us did share, either simply stating facts, or like a gushing faucet, unable to turn off.

Timidly we wondered, "Could this be our answer?" We attended more meetings. We got to know a few faces and we learned their stories.

We opened up slowly. Now and then, we chatted with members after the meeting or in between meetings by phone. Before we knew it, these people felt like family. We joined together and supported each other as we all recovered from our childhood effects.

When newcomers walk in, perhaps looking dazed and afraid, we smile and welcome them while remembering we were once in their shoes.

On this day I will remember how I felt when I started ACA. I admire my courage and dedication, just as I do for everyone who walks in the door of my meeting.

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