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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

June 20

Grief Work

"Grief work can take many forms and can bring some of the greatest rewards of the program. Some grief work involves journaling in which we write about incidents in our life and reflect on the feelings we had at that moment." BRB p. 202

We ignored our grief because it did not seem like it belonged to us. For years, we didn't feel we had permission to feel sad or to experience loss. In our families we were taught to not talk, not trust, and not feel. No one ever sat us down and told us that explicitly, but we knew that was the rule.

One of the tools we use in recovery is the art of journaling all of the things we've been holding in for so long in order to help us get in touch with our Inner Child. An effective writing variation is the non-dominant handwriting exercise described in the Big Red Book. It is a powerful way of getting clues to stored trauma in our bodies. We allow that hurt to surface and provide ourselves the space to heal, to cry, to bleed, to sob, to laugh and to experience the joy we were robbed of as children and even adults. It's one of the ways we get to the other side of our grief.

On this day I will make time to journal about my feelings as a way of expressing the grief I hold from my childhood.

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