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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

June 21

Tradition Twelve

"We protect personal anonymity at all costs to keep our meetings safe. By keeping ACA safe, we strengthen our group unity, and we attract new members who are an important life source for the fellowship." BRB p. 552

Perhaps no Tradition means as much to the ACA program as Tradition Twelve. This is where we protect each other by not mentioning who we see or what we hear at meetings. This anonymity is the spiritual foundation that strengthens our program.

We share only our first names for very good reasons:

  • It helps newcomers feel more comfortable about sharing intimate details of their lives. Privacy is respected.
  • Anonymity is a great equalizer. As garden-variety ACAs, our job title, education, and where we live mean nothing. It doesn't matter. We are all in meetings for the same reason - to recover from the effects of our family dysfunction.
  • Those who refer others to ACA can feel comfortable knowing anyone who attends will not be required to give personal information. In fact, they don't have to say anything if they so choose. By protecting anonymity, we are reminded that we are part of a spiritual program. Anonymity is also related to humility, which is one of our spiritual principles. Humility reminds us we are all equals. The humility we have learned helps keep the doors open.

On this day I will honor Tradition Twelve by honoring the anonymity and confidences of those I see at meetings. This allows the doors of ACA to stay open for all who may follow.

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