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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

June 29

Tradition Six

"Tradition Six keeps ACA free of outside influences and reminds us not to lend the ACA name to any related facility or outside enterprise. By following this Tradition we also avoid money and prestige issues that would hinder our primary purpose." BRB p. 521

Our program cannot be bought or sold. We deal with spiritual matters that are freely given and freely received. We are each entrusted with keeping the program clear of any financial motives.

There are temptations to affiliate ACA with a multitude of programs that deal with family issues. Some of them may even prove financially profitable. We find that such arrangements may prove so distracting that we forget the focus of our program.

The problems of money, property, and prestige can be very hard to resolve, and the ACA program practices a form of corporate poverty that frees us from the financial strings that would pull us away from our primary purpose. We cannot serve two masters while doing the work that only an ACA can do.

This Tradition also gives us guidance for organizing our own lives so that we can keep our focus on what's important, while avoiding distractions about money, property, and prestige.

On this day I will observe the Sixth Tradition and help my group focus on our primary purpose, turning away from any distractions from outside sources.

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