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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

July 28


"To withstand the intense pain of living with insanity and to have any sense of control we must deny our feelings and hide our vulnerability."BRB, p. 356

As we grew up we were shattered into many parts. Because of the insanity around us, we learned to hide our more vulnerable parts in order to survive. Some of us became multiple personalities and others of us were less broken, but we all found ourselves numb in some way. We adapted and adopted whatever survival techniques we needed.

In ACA recovery it can take time for some of our hidden parts to make themselves known - until they trust there is an inner loving parent who accepts them.

We work with our recovery partners and discover how to give ourselves the warmth, love, compassion and understanding we didn't experience as children. As we comfort and protect our Inner Child, we make healing our priority as we learn to quiet ourselves to see what feelings come up - what memories resurface.

To help ensure that the rooms of recovery are available for ourselves and others, we can also begin to give service in our meetings in small ways. We see that our honesty can encourage others to face their own fears as we learn together how to experience balance in our lives.

On this day I will listen to and comfort my Inner Child, accepting all of the parts of myself that make me unique. I look forward to who I can become as I heal.

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