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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

July 30

Tradition Seven

"In ACA, we learn to give for the right reason, and we learn the right amount to give. We give our fair share and let others give their fair share, so we all take ownership in ACA." BRB p. 524

At ACA meetings the Seventh Tradition reminds us that we contribute as we are able. There was a time when a quarter was thought to be enough. As times changed, a dollar seemed about right. More recently, two dollars has become more the norm.

As the fellowship grows, the need for financial contributions from members may also grow. Some groups pay higher rents and may ask members to contribute more if they can. However, this is not obligatory and never a requirement for membership.

Financial contributions support not only individual meetings, but also local Intergroup and the World Service Organization (WSO), which spreads our message around the globe. The WSO hires special workers for its literature distribution center. Translations have to be verified, books printed and shipped. Much occurs behind the scenes to make carrying the ACA message possible.

Like other 12 Step fellowships, ACA does not depend on anyone else to take care of our "house." Being fully self-supporting, we do not owe outside interests, so no one else tells us where or how to carry our message.

On this day I will give the financial contribution I can so that the meetings I attend will thrive. I do my part to ensure that the ACA message is available to the still-suffering adult children of my community and around the world.

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