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Daily Affirmations - Strengthening My Recovery

July 06

Change in the Workplace

"By using our program and the support of our fellowship, we learn that we can affect changes in our working lives." BRB p. 425

At work many of us noticed we were extremely uncomfortable. When we talked about our job difficulties, an ACA member asked if we'd ever read Chapter 14, "Taking Our Program to Work."

When we read it, we couldn't believe how true it was. Again, ACA literature told us things about ourselves we didn't know. We started to see ourselves and our jobs with fresh eyes. We learned that we related to people at our jobs as though they were our families of origin. We saw them through the filter of our Laundry List Traits, and we acted accordingly with each person, depending on their mood and/or who they reminded us of from our family.

By relying on a Higher Power, the support of our meetings and fellow travelers, and our continuing work on the Steps, we now notice little changes here and there. We are able to pause and ask ourselves, "Is this big reaction I'm feeling based on the here and now? What does it remind me of?" We use our recovery tools and call or email our recovery supporters during these times to process our experiences. Before we know it, our recovery is present in all parts of our lives, especially on the job.

On this day I will remember that I am safe and important, whether I am home, at work, or somewhere in between.

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