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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

July 16


"We are motivated to get out of ourselves and to be of service to others… We give back what has been given to us freely in ACA." BRB p. 439

In our early ACA experience, we may have been skeptical, confused, angry, or sad. Certainly no one has ever come to ACA because things were working well. A physical, mental, and spiritual bottom usually brings us to ACA.

Having come to ACA meetings a few times, we may have caught a glimmer of hope that the ACA program may help us. After awhile, we may have asked someone for their number or had a cup of coffee with them to see if we might become fellow travelers.

As we reflect on those early days, we can only imagine what might have become of us had we not found an ACA meeting. Our thoughts may turn to those whose lives are similarly affected, and we would like for them to have the same opportunity for spiritual growth.

So we may decide to participate in the group's business meeting, or accept a service role at the group, Intergroup, or World Service level. Or maybe we feel most comfortable accepting the invitation to chat or have a cup of coffee with another ACA who is about to embark on this wonderful spiritual adventure. We decide our own best way to give back.

On this day I recall my early days and the progress I have made. In return, I will perform service in some way so that other ACAs may find this life-saving program.

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