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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

August 05

Tolerating Pain

"The level of pain that adult children can tolerate without admitting they have hit a bottom is astonishing." BRB p. 68

We learned to live with pain as children and continued to do so as adults. When faced with the pain of toxic relationships, we slip into survival mode to avoid the uncertainty of change.

We know that our lives are in chaos, that we accept the unacceptable from the people around us, and that we have no reason to expect tomorrow to be better. Yet we trudge through each day, often with a pain so deep it feels out of reach.

Everyone who has walked into ACA has felt the apprehension that comes with change. Often, fear of change is so strong that we can still convince ourselves that things aren't that bad.

We are all creatures of habit, even when those habits are harmful to us. ACA is the first step in saying our lives are out of control and we need help. The question is, do we want to live a life that "isn't that bad," or do we have the faith in our Higher Power, in our program, and in ourselves to overcome the fear of change?

We do not have to do this alone. Our fellow travelers are more than willing to take the journey with us.

On this day I will reach out my hand to end the cycle of pain and know there will be someone there to hold onto.

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