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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

September 05


"We learn to reparent ourselves with gentleness, humor, love and respect." BRB p. 590

We may have grown up thinking that some people just knew how to love better than others. Perhaps we marveled at someone famous who seemed to have a deep, meaningful relationship with his or her romantic partner.

In meetings when we hear our truths being sung in another's voice, it affirms that we are not freaks; we are human beings no better or worse than the person sitting next to us. And as human beings, we can reparent the part of us that was cast aside. We aren't "finished products." We can give and take this confusing thing called love.

What we hear in others' voices and see in their eyes is that we have value. The "music" we are making together has meaning. It reaffirms our worth to recognize that we are not alone when we "sing" to each other. Our song, while it is ours and has parts to it that are ours alone, is not foreign to other ACAs.

The singing of truth at meetings is actually an expression of love for each other. What we can learn to feel, we can also share with our Inner Child.

On this day I will teach my Inner Child to sing to me the truth without fear, and to trust that real love takes commitment.

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