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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

September 06


"Many adult children find ACA and begin recovery. A few seem to do well only to act out in addictions such as drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or compulsive spending." BRB p. 69

When we started attending ACA meetings, we may have heard words that triggered pain and confusion and hope, a baffling mix of emotions. After living a numbedout life for so long, this new chaos inside felt threatening to many of us.

It may have been hard for us to listen to others speak; the pain it provoked seemed too much to bear. Soon, perhaps we couldn't find time for meetings. Maybe we turned to an old "friend" like alcohol, food, drugs, TV or another numbing behavior to quiet the stirred-up thoughts and feelings. But something had changed: "using" didn't feel the same because we now knew there was a better way.

Confused and alone, we returned to a meeting. We admitted we were having trouble just sitting still and listening because we were feeling so much, and feeling was scary. Our friends told us we were not alone, and that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. They promised that if we kept coming back, sharing, listening, and working the program, it would get better.

They were right! With our Higher Power to guide us, we find "inside" answers when we begin to trust ourselves and our inner loving parent. We finally learn to comfort our Inner Child.

On this day if things get difficult, I will sit down, breathe, and reach for the strength and wisdom of the program. I will remember I am not alone.

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