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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

September 07

Celebrate Success

"Our group members celebrate our growth and recovery with us." BRB p. 404

Our critical inner parent can whisper to us all day long, repeating the messages we heard as children from our parents, teachers, and other authority figures from our formative years. Sometimes we may not even hear the messages as thoughts; instead we just feel bad about ourselves off and on all day.

But in recovery, as we become aware of the influence this critical voice has over us, and by acknowledging the harm it is causing, we start to replace the negative messages with positive ones. We affirm ourselves for our willingness to change.

Since the ACA program requires courage, stamina, and perseverance, it can be very rejuvenating to celebrate our successes and reward ourselves for the progress we make. Sometimes after a rough day, simply making it to a meeting deserves a hug of congratulations. Or after working through a Step Four exercise, our reward might be calling a fellow traveler to receive affirmation as we talk about what we learned about ourselves.

On this day I will acknowledge the recovery actions I take by celebrating my progress with my fellow travelers who support and value me.

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