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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

September 20


"Keep it simple, but create a prayer that is specific to you and your relationship with the Divine, Higher Power, or God." BRB p. 278

Due to the trauma of childhood, we have had many unanswered questions. "Who can I trust? How should I live my life? Will anyone or anything ever help me?" It has been almost impossible for many of us to rely on something outside of ourselves to help us find our truth, until we get to ACA.

Working the Steps helps us reconnect with a Higher Power of our own choosing. And prayers, or affirmations, can help us focus. There are many meaningful prayers in ACA; the Serenity Prayer that starts and ends most of our meetings and prayers at the end of many of the Steps in the BRB.

Creating a personal prayer can also be a way to confirm that we are part of the Power that helps guide us and gives us the strength we need. Our voices are finally heard when we speak our own truth. Our personal prayer can be as simple as "Higher Power, please guide me today. If I get scared, help me know I am not alone."

We can ask for the strength to work the 12 Steps, for understanding of what it means to be our own loving parent, and for help to learn how to heal our Inner Child. We remind ourselves we are not alone when we reach out to someone or something beyond ourselves.

On this day I know I am not alone, that my Higher Power is ready to help when I am ready to ask.

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