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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

October 04

Spiritual Experience

"ACA holds out hope and acceptance to the hurting adult children of the world, who can ‘hit a bottom' and reach out for help. Allowing the True Self to emerge in the nurturing atmosphere of ACA is a spiritual experience that awaits any adult child stepping onto the broad highway of ACA recovery." BRB p. xv

Coming to ACA was a long and complicated journey for many of us. We might have known that our families were not right. Some of us may have even thought that maybe we were the problem and sought any number of ways of adjusting ourselves to the family's dysfunction.

At some point, we finally hit a bottom, surrendering to the fact that we needed something different, but not knowing what it was.

Somehow our Higher Power opened the path, our eyes, and our minds so that we could find our first ACA meeting. Perhaps it was the suggestion of a friend or trusted counselor, or an internet search. Our Higher Power found us searching.

As we attend ACA meetings, we get the sense of belonging we had unknowingly sought. Here, the spiritual experience unties the entanglements of our childhoods. Our True Self comes out of the dark hidden places and sits among our fellow ACAs.

On this day I remind myself that my search has lead me to my Higher Power, my True Self, and support from my fellow ACAs.

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