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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

October 18


"With the Steps and by reparenting ourselves, we can further remove the ‘buttons' that have been pushed by others to manipulate us or to get a reaction out of us." BRB p. 326

As children, others manipulated us at will. Sometimes it seemed we were born to be used by others. We showed up for horrible people who sucked us dry of our courage and strength, because that is what we learned from our families. That's what they told us we were meant for by the way they treated us every day.

As adults, we now know we can set boundaries with those who abuse us. When we find that we have recreated an unmanageable situation at work, we get new jobs. We change our living arrangements when we find that we are once again living with addicts who keep us awake at night and need us to look after them.

In recovery, we make space to feel the anger and shame that were handed to us in our childhoods, and we heal. We may even detach from abusive family members permanently if that's what it takes to maintain serenity.

On this day I will write down what I want my life to be like as a way of turning things over to my Higher Power

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