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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

December 02

Spontaneous Feelings

"No longer willing or able to suppress my feelings, they came up effusively and erratically." BRB p. 409

When we entered our first meetings, we may have felt numb. Then, as we kept coming back, suddenly it felt like a roller coaster, with feelings flying blindly around a corner without warning.

As we progress in recovery, we learn to acknowledge all of our feelings and be unafraid. We don't put limits on how much we allow ourselves to feel. Whatever comes up for us at the moment is okay. We do not pretend we are fine when we are not. Claiming our truth becomes a basic need for us. We no longer allow others to try to shut us down when they're uncomfortable.

We maintain conscious contact with a Higher Power through our personal spiritual awakening, whatever form that takes. We cultivate affirming and soothing self-talk in the form of our inner loving parent - the parent we always deserved.

Recovery unfolds for us gently over time as we see each new direction we need to take, and then we seize it and run. We trust ourselves and our intuition. Our feelings are not overwhelming - they are what they are.

On this day I will allow my feelings to safely wash over me. This will give me the strength to be genuine with myself and others.

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