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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

January 13

Taking a Risk

"Talking about our feelings is a risk; however, this is a risk worth taking because the rewards are great." BRB p. 186

Where is it safe to talk about our secret fears, our perceived shortcomings, and our doubts about our own sanity? Our Higher Power gave us a group of ACAs who listen to our feelings and do not judge us.

Our ACA fellow travelers feel what we feel and share many of our same doubts and our often misguided perceptions. They do so without trying to fix us and without telling us to "get over it." Their hands are outstretched to newcomers who take the risk of walking through the meeting doors to tell their secrets.

It is very difficult not to believe in a Higher Power when we walk into the rooms of ACA and see the unconditional love we display to one another. The ability to share our feelings in this safe environment moves us toward the rewards of the program. We experience the miracle of learning to love ourselves, and we project a new image to the world.

On this day I know that in ACA I can risk sharing my innermost feelings. They will be met with acceptance and love.

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