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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

January 18

New Way of Life

"We ask the adult child considering ACA to look at the program as a way of life that will unfold over time, bringing rich rewards of emotional relief and self-acceptance." BRB p. 95

We took all of the abuse we could and still thought it was our fault. What was it we were doing wrong, anyway? What was it that made us feel so different and defective? Why couldn't we just be like the rest of the people in our family and just take endless amounts of abuse without seeming to care? Why were we so wimpy? And where did negative feelings like anger get us, anyway?

Before ACA, we may have been in other programs that helped us, but where certain feelings may have been minimized. This made us feel like we were back in a place where we had to shut parts of ourselves off. We might have been told that "taking it to God" was the only important thing. That may work for many people, but we realized it wasn't enough for us.

Now, with the help of ACA and the people we have learned to trust, we can accept the value of all of our feelings. We especially accept our anger and no longer run from it, knowing it can help teach us where our boundaries should be. We talk to others who are in touch with their feelings in a healthy way and can really hear us when we express our emotions. We know we are in the right place where healing takes place.

On this day I will realize my emotions are part of a gift from my Higher Power, a gift called "Me."

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