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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

February 22


"To make progress, we must want the ACA way of life and all that it has to offer." BRB p. 33

Many of us faithfully go to our weekly meeting and feel we are working our program. We recognize that ACA has helped us make positive changes in our lives, but our enthusiasm isn't the same as it once was and there doesn't seem to be much change happening anymore. Yes, there are certainly other things we'd like to fix in our lives, but it's just not happening. While we appreciate the honesty that happens in our meeting, we're starting to think the program is no longer working for us, that it might be time to move on to something else.

If we find ourselves thinking these thoughts, it may be time for an inventory. Do we have an active relationship with a Higher Power? Do we have a sponsor/fellow traveler we talk to regularly for support and guidance? Do we go to other meetings, maybe even phone or internet meetings, to get a fresh perspective? Have we done service work to step out of our comfort zone? If we answer "no" to these questions, maybe it's not the program that's not working. Maybe we're not seeing the full potential of the program.

On this day I will re-evaluate my commitment to how I work the program because I know it works for me when I work it. And I'm worth it!

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