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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

March 18


"We give service just by being present to support and encourage other members of the program as they make the transition from frightened adult children to whole human beings who are capable of acting with the spontaneity of a child and the wisdom of a mature adult." BRB p. 354

As adult children, we inherently have the gift of being sensitive and present for others. Yet many of us weren't taught to cultivate this gift in a healthy manner. Because our inherent value wasn't nurtured and was basically forced or punished into hiding, the gift of service was distorted into codependent behavior that caused us to look for love and acceptance through people-pleasing, caretaking, and approval-seeking.

Now, in ACA, we can direct this gift into healthy service. Being present, supportive, and encouraging of others in their ACA work contributes exponential momentum to our own recovery. We experience exhilaration when we feel the release of our fears and restrictions, and naturally feel and act on our inherent spontaneity and wisdom. In turn, this enthusiasm motivates other recovering adult children to share this momentum and exhilaration. As we pass it on, we all receive the benefits of our shared gift.

On this day I will attend an ACA meeting or have a one-on-one interaction with a fellow traveler. I will be truly present, supporting and encouraging another adult child as they release the fears and restrictions of the false self, and feel the exhilaration of their True Self.

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