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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

March 25

Disease of Alcoholism

 "Looking back, things seemed simpler when Dr. William Silkworth wrote his opinion for AA's ‘Big Book' in 1939, including his naming alcoholism as a disease." BRB p. xxvii 

Today we understand that alcoholism is a family disease, but Dr. Silkworth's opinion was a very bold statement in 1939. Back then it lifted alcoholics from their deep pool of shame. But their children were left to labor under the effects of the disease. They received no help and were usually not even thought of as part of the equation. Parents often excused the effects on their children by saying they were resilient and would "get over it." But today we know that's not true - it isn't nearly that simple.

Like the courageous young adults who led the way for us in the mid-1970s, today we in ACA continue to break new ground in uncovering the effects of the family disease of alcoholism. We are discovering solutions that work. We start by acknowledging that for most of us, the damage done to us in childhood was like the trauma soldiers suffer in battle. Then, along with the Steps, we use the sure-fire tool of reparenting ourselves to build our own road to emotional sobriety.

As we make our way, we applaud each other's growth and empowerment. We encourage each other as we face the painful memories, learn to stop reacting and work on healing ourselves. On this day I will continue to admit that the disease of alcoholism infected me in the past. By also acknowledging its effects on me today, I find my way on the road to recovery.

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