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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

March 26


"However, the process of recovery takes time and patience. This is not easy." BRB p. 72

Looking back to the first ACA meeting we went to, most of us remember the anguish, hopelessness, or turbulence we were experiencing. We never understood our addiction to excitement, but we knew our lives felt out of control and something had to change. We kept hoping the other people in our lives would make the changes so we could experience instant relief, but that wasn't happening.

As we began our recovery, we realized that change wasn't going to happen overnight and that it was okay to take it at our own pace. We learned that change takes patience - to keep coming back, to find a sponsor, to work through the Steps, and to get to an understanding of how important forgiveness and love are. It can take time for us to allow ourselves to feel the calm of serenity.

Some of us have said we pray for things to be boring. That's because we want to end our common love affair with the adrenaline that gets released through excitement and drama. But with practice, and yes, patience, we understand how valuable being in the present moment is. We get there by simply slowing down and trusting in our Higher Power.

On this day I will be patient with my recovery process, acknowledging that I am giving myself a wonderful gift.

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