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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

March 09


"We seek the power we need to live in freedom each day." BRB p. 116

As we listen to story after story of neglect in meetings, we may get angry for those around us. Then, if we listen closely, we hear the voice inside that says, "What about me?" We start to pay attention and create space with our words and actions to let that voice finally say what it needs to, what was denied for so long. This process extends into our Step work and then into our very lives, at work and in play.

Perhaps for the first time we begin to feel free. We start to play and learn what that means for us. We learn to slow down, because being over-scheduled is acting out against our True Selves. We see that when we have too much to do, it's harder to get in touch with how we feel. This is no longer okay.

We take the actions we need to for our Inner Child, the same way we would for another child placed in our care. In this way, we cultivate an inner loving parent and free ourselves.

We are no longer waiting for our tormentors to wake up and stop abusing us. The conversation is over. We now know how to nurture ourselves.

On this day I will do something playful and fun. I will feel the freedom that my Inner Child deserves to experience.

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