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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

March 10

Personal Power

 "We move out of the victim role and claim our personal power by taking this path." BRB p. 158

We let parasites into our lives, trusting those we shouldn't have. We ended up a victim over and over again. We were exhausted of our vital resources, financially and emotionally, and had no idea why. Spiritually we were bankrupt. Our heads throbbed as we raged at those who couldn't hear us or who swore they wouldn't do it again.

In ACA we got off the treadmill we hadn't noticed we were on. With the help of our sponsor or fellow traveler, we did our Fourth Step and saw that our lives were insane, that we had swallowed poison and not known it. We now felt heard for the first time.

We became ready to go to any lengths to protect and nurture our Inner Children. Leaving no stone unturned, we rooted out the problem. We couldn't remember all that happened to us because we had to forget so we could survive. But recovery becomes a safe place for the memories to begin resurfacing. We stop going to the inner drug store for a dose of fear. We release the trauma in our bodies and walk away different people: confident and alive.

On this day I will choose to go the distance and deal in a healthy way with whatever comes up for me emotionally and physically. If I can't do this alone, I will get appropriate help.

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