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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

April 06


"One day at a time we make progress in our emotional, physical, and spiritual lives." BRB p. 255

Many of us have experienced a sense of the unreal when it comes to our bodies, either pushing them beyond the true limits of endurance or completely neglecting our physical needs. Some of us have a natural talent for winning physical contests, while others sit on the sidelines thinking to ourselves that we could do that, but we just don't feel like it.

Whatever our past situation, learning to take care of ourselves means understanding the value of appropriate physical activity that doesn't make us vulnerable to unnecessary injury or illness. We begin to allow ourselves to truly appreciate our place in the universe.

It may seem difficult to learn moderation in all things as we find what good, balanced health can mean for us, but gradually it gets easier. We start to establish routines that become habits that eventually become second nature to us.

The accompaniment to our physical care is our emotional nourishment, which we find through prayer and meditation. This can be done silently or be accomplished by experiencing nature, dancing to our favorite songs, or simply reminding ourselves to breathe deeply. It is part of our progress in recovery - how we help ourselves heal.

On this day I live in the moment by taking care of both my mind and my body. I breathe, move, and ask my Higher Power to be with me.

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