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ACOA Holiday Marathon
  • Location : ACA 2019 HOLIDAY MARATHONS FOR CHRISTMAS EVE, CHRISTMAS DAY, NEW YEAR’S EVE… Everyone is invited to join the ACA Holiday Marathons for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve……...(Please note: Time info is EASTERN TIME)...CHRISTMAS EVE (Tuesday, December 24 from 5 am until 12midnight EST ~~ 19 hour Marathon) …..….immediately followed by CHRISTMAS DAY (Wednesday, December 25 from 12.01 am until 12:59 pm EST ~~ 24 hour Marathon)...Yes, that’s right…..43 hours of back-to-back meetings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...NEW YEAR’S EVE (Tuesday, December 31 from 5 am until 1.00 am EST on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, ~~ 20 hour Marathon)... What a Holiday Gift ~~ 43 hours of non-stop Christmas Meetings and 20 hours of non-stop New Year’s Meetings!!! New meetings begin every hour…..What a great way to GIVE and GET Holiday support!! To attend and dial into the Marathons, please call 712.432.8808, Access Code 247676#..........ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES FOR THESE MARATHONS? Moderators, Back-Up Moderators, and Timekeepers are needed. Please send an email to serveasmoderator@gmail.com to sign up to do service for these Marathons. It’s easy to do (and a lot of fun!!) even if it’s your first time. The meeting format will be emailed to you with the Moderator’s Code. If you are serving without advanced sign-up, simply use the ACA website’s Meeting Format (adultchildren.org), click on “Meetings”, click on ”Meeting Format”, choose any ACA reading or topic, and serve without the Moderator’s code. Optional one-hour info meetings are offered the week before and after the Marathons to provide a forum for your questions and feedback...FOR SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES OR QUESTIONS…..please contact Christa at serveasmoderator@gmail.com or Claire at clarafromchicago@aol.com............PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THESE MARATHONS and SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES at your face-to-face, online and telephone meetings. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!
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