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We Agnostics
  • Location : We Agnostics - Thursday, 6pm ET 605-313-5987 ACCESS CODE: 797078 Open to everyone in ACA. If you are atheist, agnostic, uncomfortable with the religious language in ACA literature, questioning what Higher Power means to you, or simply looking for a new meeting, then this group might be for you. We are not angry atheists or against a Higher Power. We do believe in personal accountability, and that ACA recovery can be successful with or without “god.” We acknowledge a Judeo/Christian Higher Power does not work for everyone. If you’d like a more secular approach to the 12-steps, we invite you to phone in and join us. There is only one requirement for ACA membership: the desire to recover from the effects of family dysfunction.
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  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Meeting Type: telephone
  • Type: Open to All,
  • Focus: Discussion, Fellowship Text, Book Study, Steps,
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Meeting Times

  • Day: Thursday
  • Time: 06:00 pm