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Intergroup Meetings

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Intergroup Netherlands

  • Wednesday 07:00 pm
  • ACA Den Bosch "Becoming Your Own Loving Parent"-kwartier lopen vanaf 's-Hertogenbosch CS The meeting is in Dutch, sharing is in whatever language you feel most comfortable speaking in.
    Sonniusstraat 3, 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant 5212 AJ Netherlands
    (Dutch) ACAs only (Closed), Book Study, Speaker, Fellowship Text, Steps,Becoming Your Own Loving Parent
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  • Monday 07:30 pm
  • ACA Rotterdam-Building is from Humanitas Name = Akropolis. Entrance reception to the left. You're welcome to share in you're own language
    Achillesstraat 290, Rotterdam, Netherlands 3054RL Netherlands
    (Dutch) Beginners, Open to all, , Fellowship Text, Book Study, Steps, Speaker,
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  • Wednesday 07:00 pm
  • ACA Amsterdam - Wednesday eve - 7pm --ACA Amsterdam - Wednesday - The Solution: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent - Chapter 8 - Fellowship Text (BRB) - - English meeting format - (only Dutch sharing when all speak Dutch or person has difficulty sharing in English) - - Beginners meeting and Open for Everybody - People may bring a friend or family member along if they are too afraid to come alone and interested non- or professionals are more than welcome too to see what ACA is all about. - - Jellinek Amsterdam - Room 1b10, please ask at the reception for access to the second floor -
    Jacob Obrechtstraat 92, Amsterdam, North Holland 1071 KR Netherlands
    (English/Dutch) Beginners, Open to All, Fellowship Text, Book Study
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  • Thursday 07:00 pm
  • ACA-woman-Its in the centrum of the Town. Easiest is to come from the train station. Parking is also possible, its not free of charge. Het is in het centrum van de stad. Vanaf het treinstation is het het makkelijkst te bereiken. Parkeren kan ook, is wel betaald.
    Brede haven 26, Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant 5211 TL Netherlands
    (English/dutch) Women Only, ACAs only (Closed), Fellowship Text, Book Study, Steps, Speaker
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  • Monday 07:30 pm
  • ACA Peer monday evening-Just walk behind the pharmacy in-between the buildings and you will find it.
    Markt 25, Peer, Limburg 3990 Belgium
    (Dutch spoken meeting) ACAs only (Closed), , Fellowship Text,
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