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  • “ACA groups also carry the ACA message into prisons and treatment centers. This is rewarding service work. Through the Twelfth Step, we tell our stories and carry the message to future group members.”
  • “Additionally, we try to answer calls to carry ACA’s message of hope into prisons, treatment centers, or mental health care facilities. Adult children are sent to prison every day for harming themselves or others. Still others have psychiatric problems so severe that they require hospitalization. Both the prisoner and the psychiatric patient are adult children and deserve to hear ACA’s message. Our program is mature enough, and our members are strong enough, to do this work within the guidelines we have established for these facilities.”
  • “Some of our behavior has been disturbing and perhaps outside the bounds of law.”
  • “We cannot fix our car, pay bills, or stay out of jail without recovery.”
  • “Adult children run the gamut of functionality as adults. Many are high-powered professionals; others are in prison. And certainly some are doing both.”
  • Some adult children have committed crimes that have caused them to spend time in prison or lose their family and job.”
  • “Carrying the ACA message of hope into a prison or treatment center is a good way of paying society back for harms against the greater public. This benefits our personal recovery as well. We get out of ourselves and help create a better society by helping the suffering adult child.”
  • There are many pages in the fellowship text that go into detail about these types of scenarios. ( 292, 613, 515, 546)
  • To get a meeting into a facility, click here and select WSO Hospitals and Institutions Committee
  • If you are a professional working with adult children in jail please read this for getting more information on ACA for yourself and them.
  • If you are in a jail, please read this for more information on how to help yourself and/or the facility with ACA information.
  • To send a letter or email please see below.

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  • To receive support in taking meetings to prisons or getting a meeting inside your prison
  • There are many pages in the Fellowship Text that go into detail about these types of scenarios. ( 292, 613, 515, 546)
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