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No Addictions and Alcoholism

  • “The identification created by the 14 Laundry List traits proved just as irresistible to adult children from nonalcoholic homes as it did to adult children with alcoholism in the home.”
  • “…a reasonable number of adult children truly had no addiction in the home. …. There also appeared to be no addiction in the preceding generation of their families. Yet, their homes had features which created the early loss of security and sense of self-failing that characterize addicted homes.”
  • “In addition to identifying with The Laundry List (Problem), our recovery shows that we identify with an early loss of security like the person raised with addiction. We identify with the mistaken belief that we were responsible to heal or fix our families. We understand the “don’t talk, don’t trust, and don’t feel” rules. We understand the destructive obsession and compulsion of co-dependence and how it relates in our lives. We work the ACA Steps. We connect with our Inner Child and find hope and lasting peace in ACA.”
  • To find identification in the ACA program
  • Chapter 3 in the fellowship text is entitled “My Parents Did Not Drink but I Can Relate”.
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