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A New Hope - ACA Beginner's Handbook

The 17 chapters of the Handbook are a great foundation for newcomers to ACA

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Bonus Resources

Sample Meeting Format

Sharing in ACA Meetings, Cross-talk and Fixing

12 Step Workgroups

About this workbook

A New Hope Meetings


"When I first came to ACA, I was lost and overwhelmed by all the program language and materials, especially the Big Red Book. A New Hope gave me a gentle and gradual introduction to all these concepts and the practical help I desperately needed at that time." - Fellow Traveller

"The Beginner's Handbook is really well-written and gentle in tone. I love the questions that can be used for personal reflection or as a jumping-off point for sharing at beginner's meetings. I also appreciate the chapter sections referring to additional resources on each topic that are available in other existing ACA literature." - Fellow Traveller

"I've started using A New Hope ACA Beginner's Handbook with each new sponsee because it effectively and comprehensively introduces them to ACA using gentleness, patience, love, and respect." - Fellow Traveller

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