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Daily Affirmations – Strengthening My Recovery

January 17


"Fortunately, our Second Tradition reminds us that our real authority in ACA meetings and service work is ‘a loving God as expressed in our group conscience.'" BRB p. 499

There may often be few, if any, experienced members in our ACA meetings. Who then makes the group's decisions? Who chairs? Who buys the literature? Who sponsors the newcomer when we are all newcomers?

Others of us who started ACA meetings have dealt with this situation by just opening the meetings and asking if anyone wished to chair. We had faith that someone would find the courage to step up. When we asked for someone to buy literature or make copies, a Higher Power brought someone to the meeting who was willing to do this bit of service. When we looked around for someone to work the Steps with us, a comfortable person seemed to appear.

So it is for our group's purpose. When confronted by a situation that seems greater than us, we can feel reassured that by turning it over to the group's Higher Power in the form of a group conscience, a decision can be made. We trust that we can work out the details when we have the best interest of the meeting in mind. If our egos get in the way, we talk to someone and sort it out. We help the day-to-day affairs of the meeting to run smoothly.

On this day I will trust that a Higher Power will express itself through our group's conscience, giving us an opportunity for unity and spiritual growth.

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