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7th Tradition Contributions

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Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Other Ways to Contribute

Venmo  (US only, without using contribution form)

Mail in a check

*WSO Accepts Contributions only from ACA Members, Groups or Meetings, Intergroups, and Regions.

Useful Resources

Planned Giving (Bequests)

Information about leaving a gift to Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization.

Donation Practices for Online Meetings

Learn more about how various groups pass the "virtual basket."

Why Contribute to WSO?

Learn more about why the 7th Tradition is critical to WSO's ability to carry the message to the Adult Child who still suffers.

Collecting 7th Tradition is Complicated. Can Someone from WSO Finance Visit my Group?

Yes!  WSO finance members can visit your group to discuss the importance of the 7th Tradition and options regarding how to collect it.

Access Contribution History/Edit Recurring Contriubtions Made through this Website

Contribution history and editing recurring contributions made through

7th Tradition Slide Presentation

The finance committee has made the 7th tradition presention from 2022 QDM available for viewing.

" I contribute to help WSO spread the message, so someday literature will be available in every language where there is an Adult Child suffering."

-Fellow Traveler

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